Next Live Shows

  • 22.04.: Kulturkeller, Gleisdorf
  • 05.05.: Lendwirbel, Graz
  • 18.05.: Coco Bar with Vierzehn Schilling, Wien
  • 01.07.: Acoustic Parkside Festival, Graz

RECAP 2022

Watch our 2022 recap here. It's been an awesome year :D
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EP Release

  • 17.06.2022: They are finally here! Get yourself a signed copy of "The Chance in Misfortune" at one of our shows :D

Previous Live Shows 2022

  • 06.05: Lendwirbel
  • 21.05: Zinzengrinsen
  • 17.06: Citypeach
  • 02.07: Acoustic Parkside Festival
  • 24.07: Tierschutz Rockt Festival --- Cancelled ---
  • 27.08: Dead Man Walking Festival


  • We proudly present the cover art for "The Chance in Misfortune" our new EP which will be available on the 17th of June. Get your ear canals ready!
  • Thanks to Jake Nackos and Kyle Arcilla for their artwork and shoutout to Alberto Lovison for recording, mixing and mastering this whole project. We couldn't have done it without you!
  • 20.03.2022: We're finished. Everything is mastered and ready to go!The recording experience at Lovison Audio Production was amazing. We can't thank Alberto enough for making our songs come to life.
  • 19.12.2021: Look at those busy bees. Just recorded everything for our upcoming release. Can't wait how all this will come together :D
  • It's just awesome to see Tobi in his element. Look at that grin!
    Fun Fact: We recorded a lot with the Electrovoice RE20.That was Stevie Wonder's mic of choice back in the days. Totally convinced now!


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The Band

If you've ever seen Back Seat Hotel live, you know you can expect honest music with meaningful lyrics. They're all about acoustic instruments, nothing gets covered up with a wall of effects. And that is exactly what makes them so special! This organic combination between guitar, cello and cajon is just destined to be an amazing listening experience. With a colorful mix of folk rock, reggae, ska and punk everybody has something to obsess over. Formed in 2018, this Austrian music project slowly picked up their significant style while experimenting with their overall group formation. Consisting out of three passionate musicians to date, only time will tell, what this acoustic indie folk band still got in store!

  • Genre: Acoustic Indie Folk
  • Location: Graz, Austria
  • Founded: 2018
  • E-mail:


our creative source (lead vocals, guitar)

Armin is the founder of Back Seat Hotel and the heart & soul of our band. His creative spark is giving birth to our songs and his unique voice is perfectly conveying the message of our music to the audience - gently enclosed by bittersweet harmonies from his guitar.


our classical spirit (cello, background vocals)

Andrea and her cello have enriched our musical style and refined our one-of-a-kind sound since 2020. With her classical background she moves virtuously within a wide variety of genres playing passionate melodies, groovy basslines as well as rhythmical or melodic accents. Occasionally you can also listen to her soft female voice.


our rhythmical genius (cajon/drums, background vocals)

Tobiasʼ special mix of percussion instruments and his rhythmical ideas are essential to our songs. His fascinating performance allows for the music to groove on - during our spontaneous street concerts even with nothing other than a cajon. And every now and then you get to enjoy his legendary backing vocals.




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Acoustic Parkside Festival | Oeverseepark

July 2021

Acoustic Parkside Festival | Oeverseepark

July 2021

Acoustic Parkside Festival | Oeverseepark

July 2021


Citypeach 2020 taken by Vern

Defenderlove in Pula

Croatia, August 2019


January 2020

Cliffs in Pula

Croatia, August 2019


Murinsel 2019


November 2019


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Josef Maier | @maierlebt

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